Height- 5’10
Weight 180 lbs
Body Fat  6%

Evan Money is the Global Authority on starting successful paintball fields around the world. He has over 16 years experience and has started over 1,000 fields worldwide, plus he has co-founded the only company to offer successful Franchise Paintball Fields.

Born and Raised in Southern California South Bay Area, grew up Surfing and skateboarding like most kids.

1987-1988 Moved to Tucson AZ and became an

amature skateboarder. Performed on trick teams and traveled the area for skate tournaments.

- Returned home to the water to pursue his true love of surfing.

1990 -
Achieved Professional Status as a “ SURF BUM” -  “ Work was something I fit in around my surf schedule.”  Quipped Evan.

- Got tired of renting and bought my first marker- An F2 Illustrator- “ I used to run around the field and yell “ F2 coming at you” people laughed so hard they couldn’t aim straight and I would usually hit em first.” Evan fondly recalls..

1994 - Became TASO’s newest Paintball Wholesale rep. “ I was trained by Isaac Greigo, Glenn Forrester and John Pope the legends of the industry.” Evan was proud to say.
1995 -Took the Role of MR. POWERBALL in the popular Taso  Powerball ad. “ I think I was the only player who lifted weights at the time, so it seemed a natural fit.”

- The E-Money Fun Series was born-“ I was about 5 years ahead of my time. I didn’t allow camo and I made players wear numbers on there jerseys. I had crowd interaction allowed, it was great.”

1996 - Wrote, Produced and marketed the now “ Best selling Paintball Video of all time” INSIDE PAINTBALL.  “ Considering the shoe string budget we had to work with and the technology limitations, it turned out really well.”

1997 - JULY 5th- I married the greatest woman in the whole world. “Susan Money has made my life better in every possible way.”

1997 - Formed E-Money Paintball in Carson California.

- Created and managed the I&I wholesale department. “ What a learning experience, I can never thank Al Iba enough for all he did.”

2002 - Money Paintball was formed- Al Iba and Evan sat down a realized Evan had way too much energy and ideas to be limited to one company. “ I&I was the first of many strategic alliances I have been able to form in the paintball industry.”

2003 - September- JOSHUA DEEN MONEY is born. “ Gods greatest gift to my wife and I.”

- E-Money Action Sports show is born. Paintball hits the Greater LOS ANGELES airways on 99.5 FM KKLA  “ Surprisingly a Christian radio station was the only one who was excited about the show.”

2004 - The E-Money Action Sports Show  Moves to “ Prime Time” on LA # 1 sports station 1540Am the Ticket.

2004 - Syndication deal in the works. “ The word is getting out, action sports are getting red hot. I have started to build it and now they are coming.”

2008 - Money Paintball Charity is formed, don't miss your chance to get involved.

2013 - Evan's new movie starring Joel Osteen, Darren Hardy and more releases: WordsofArtmovie.com

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